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Last updated: October 20th 2016
We are back with another old man fuck video. As usual there’s a hot babe involved as well in this scene. Well today you are in for a treat with this smoking hot teen that just didn’t know how to put her hands on an old worker. Some friends of her are building a new house, but they are always out of town so they left her to take care of the workers and to assure them everything goes like scheduled . So while this hot amateur teen was doing her daily visit to see how things goes she noticed this old guy checking her out. At first she thought she might seen wrong or something but when she turned her head another time, she saw him again looking at her.

So she took him in another room and asked him if he has something to tell her. Although she is much younger then him, that didn’t stop him to tell him that he wanted to fuck her. At first she was shocked of what she heard, but then she got interested in his offer. She fucked with many guys but never with an old one. She accepted out of curiosity to see if he can handle her. But surprisingly he did a great job and she just couldn’t get enough of his hard cock stuffing her juicy pussy. So don’t miss it!

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Sexual Gym

In this latest gallery this old man fuck hard this stunning babe. She has an amazing body, delicious curves, big tits, a sexy and hard ass and long and black hair. He kept on imagining what she was like in the sack and a few days he got lucky. She was his gym instructor, although he was old he wanted to be in shape so he hired her to come at his place twice a week for 2 hours. She took care of him, but at their latest session she took care of his dick as well. They started as usual with their exercises, except this time when she wanted to put her hand on his leg, she accidentally grabbed his cock.

When she felt his big tool, she didn’t need another watch and started undressing him. He thought he was dreaming. This smoking hot babe wanted him, so before you know it they ended up on the floor completely naked and ready for some action just like in trickyoldteacher videos. She just couldn’t get enough of his cock, so after offering an incredible handjob, she stuffed it in her mouth and continued with sucking it.  She didn’t want to stop until she got covered with creamy loads of cum all over her huge juggs. Then she spread her legs wide open and shoved it in her juicy pussy and started riding it like crazy. Don’t miss out the entire gallery with this hottie getting hammered by an old guy. Enjoy it and see you next time!


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Clean my Bike

The other day this guy got a special treatment. Just imagine an old man fuck a younger and hotter babe in the middle of the day in public. This lucky old man was cleaning his old bike when he saw his hot neighbor coming in his direction. At first he thought she might need some help or wanted to borrow something from him. But actually she just came to see if she could help him, so after they both started to talk, he found out about her bike passion. She always wanted an boyfriend with a bike, but the guys she dates are broke and couldn’t afford one. After she heard about all the gals he had thanks to this bike, she got interested in him.

He is much older than her, but that didn’t matter to her because she was going to fuck on a bike. She knew that he was all alone, so she took advantage of the situation and started undressing him in his backyard. Soon they were both naked and she got on her knees and started pleasing his hard cock. But that wasn’t her dream so she jumped on the bike, spread her legs and stuffed his tool in her eager pussy deeper and deeper. She just couldn’t believe that he ended up being much better in the sack than she believed. So don’t miss out this scene and see you next with more! Enjoy!


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Old Man Fuck Anal Destruction

He is 64 and she has 21, so don’t miss out a old man fuck anal a hottie. At his age he couldn’t clean his place anymore so he hired a maid. After he saw many gals, he finally picked one. A young chick, blonde hot and sexy, looking just like the chicks from teen core club galleries, perfect for the job. When he hired her he had many things in mind and fucking her was one of them as well. So after a few days ago while she was cleaning his room, she had an unexpected visit from her boss. At first she thought he wanted to tell her something but after she noticed her look she knew something wasn’t ok, so she left the room and went in the backyard.

But when she thought she got rid of him, there he was right after her. After they talked for a while she agreed to try him out. She thought with all his experience he should be able to fuck her properly. So she started undressing, showing off her amazing curves and continued with undressing him as well. After she finished sucking his cock, she made herself comfortable on a chair, spread her legs wide open and got his hard dick stuffed in her pussy. But that wasn’t enough for her, so he shoved his dick deep in her ass as well. Enjoy it and see you next time!


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The repairmans groupie

Alice was all alone this weekend and had some problems with her pipes. But when she called her plumper she didn’t though about a possible old man fuck that day. She had many men in her life, younger and older, white and black, so she didn’t have a problem with age, color or occupation. So when he arrived she noticed that her usual plumber wasn’t the one at her door step so she thought to take advantage of the situation. She thought she might never see him after today, so why not?

He invited him in, then she found out that her usual plumber was sick so he was taking care of his business for a few days. After he finished his work she opened a bottle of wine and invited him in her backyard for a glass. She insisted and he just could say no to her. So after they got a bit dizzy she jumped on him and started kissing him, while slowly taking off his clothes. Then they went to the swing and she took care of him, but especially of his dick and just couldn’t stop until she got all covered with creamy loads of cum. Then she got his hard cock stuffed in her pussy as well, stretching it to the limits. So don’t miss out naughty Alice getting pounded by an much older guy. See you next time! Until then, cum inside porn nerd network blog and enjoy watching other naughty teens riding big dicks!


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Old Man Fuck – I Want Sex With You

Young Marica is going to experience her first old man fuck. This semester at college she found out that she had a new teacher, so she went to his first class to see how he is. After listening to him talk for a while she figured out that she wasn’t going to pass his class without reading half of a library, so she started to think at other options to pass his class. Of course fucking with him was on her mind as well. But then she thought he was too old to try out something like this. After a few weeks when the exams were getting closer and closer she finally had the gut to go to his office.

She went in there and started telling him that she works and doesn’t have time to read all those books and asked him for another way she could pass his exam. After checking her out he found a way that bought of them could be happy. She passes her exam and he gets a young hottie riding his fat tool. He went closer and took off his pants right in front of her. Then she know what she had to do, undressed and stuffed his hard cock in her filthy mouth and just couldn’t stop until she got all covered with nasty jizz. Enjoy it and see you next time! If you liked this video click here and watch other slutty teens getting their tight holes stretched!


The woodcutter fucks Two girls

Don’t miss out the latest old man fuck scene. This time, as promised you are in for a treat, because we brought you two hotties ready for some old cock action. These two wanted some peace and quite so they went out of the city for the weekend at this place near the city. After they settled they decided to go out for a walk to see what’s in the area. But without knowing it they got lost in this little forest they got into. After walking for two or three hours they got desperate and started looking for help. They were new there and it was going to the dark soon. After they passed a valley they found this woodcutter working there at a house.


They went straight to him and asked him for help. Although he seemed a nice guy, the gals were so wrong. He told them he would help them but with one condition, if he could fuck them. At first the gals thought he was joking so one of them offered to sleep with him. But then he repeated and made himself more clearer he wanted to fuck both of them. So before you know it they were both naked and ready for some action. The woodcutter then started pounding them one by one. For an old guy he sure knew how to please the gals. So they decided to spend their night there. So don’t miss out the entire gallery and don’t forget to visit http://exploitedteens.org/ website if you are looking for similar videos and picture galleries, featuring other gorgeous teens!

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Old Man Fuck Porn Scene

We are back with another old man fuck porn scene for all you lucky guys. In today’s hardcore sex scene we have this smoking hot teen that didn’t knew what she was getting in when she accepted to go out with this guy she picked up in the club. She went with her gals in the club and after a few shots she started looking for guys to take home. But after she checked out the club she noticed that all the good guys where taken, so she ended up talking with this older guy. He seemed nice so they exchanged phone numbers. The next morning when she woke up she didn’t even remember him and nothing she did last night.

A few days after her rough night in the club she received a phone call. After chatting for a while she realized that she didn’t knew who she was talking to and agreed to go out with him. They met at this coffee place and after talking with him she accepted to go with him a hotel. She didn’t fuck for a month and she was so horny, so she took advantage of his offer. After they got there she undressed and ended up sucking and getting fucked hard, getting that hard dick stuffed deep in her holes. So don’t miss out and see you next week with more hot scenes. Enjoy!


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Pays The Bill With Passion

We are back as promised and we brought another hot babe for you in this old man fuck scene. She went out with her friends the other night and after a rough night of drinking and partying the guys that got them dizzy left and left the gals with the bill. They thought that wasn’t going to be a problem, because all of them had money. When the bill arrived things changed and they ended up with no money and with only half of the bill paid. They started calling all of their friends for money, but let’s face it at their age no one has money. So they asked if they could return later that day to pay the rest of the money. The waiter didn’t want to hear about their ideas and called the manager.

When he came, the gals noticed that he was checking out one of their friends. A smoking hot blonde with big tits and a fine ass. So they send her to talk with him. After she explained their situation, he just couldn’t help them and offer her a different payment method. She just could imagine fucking with such a old guy, but after chatting with her gals she didn’t have many options. So she got stuck with him in a empty club, he took off his pants so she started sucking his hard tool and then bent over the pool table and got the fat cock stuffed in her holes, one by one. She was surprised that a guy at his age could be so good in the sack. Enjoy it! For similar content, watch these great playdaddy videos!


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Old Man Fuck Hot Teen

Can you imagine this old man fuck such a hot babe? Well you shouldn’t miss this insane scene and see how the old guy who is looking just like perverted Jim Slip did this hottie. She went over him for a college project and got way more than she asked for. She got this assignment to sell ice cream to help out a foster and instead of their hard work they would get grades. Of course how soled more ice cream got an bigger grade. So she put on her sexy uniform and after going from door to door with no result, she finally got the perfect customer. After checking out her house, she knew that he was rich, so she tried to sell all the ice cream to him.

When the old guy saw that the hottie was checking out his house, she know he could use his money to get what he wants from her. So after hearing out her little story about the foster and the school project he agreed to buy all of her ice cream but with one condition… She never got fucked by an older guy, but at least this would assure her a big grade. So they went in his backyard and she started sucking and got roughly fucked by the old rich guy. So don’t miss it out and check out the latest updates. See you next time!


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